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Is Your Property Perimeter Secure?

At Able Fencing we know the importance of high security fencing solutions for commercial properties. It is common sense that having a perimeter fence made of say mesh or palisade will deter the petty thief from a quickly accessing your property. It is obviously not going to stop a theft or a break in but sometimes it is enough to put a thief off.

At Able fencing we can provide you with a no obligation quotation on a new or upgraded fence for your property. Our team of experienced fence planners will be able to talk you through the best most secure solution for your requirements and budget. We can then plan the project and provide you with a price for the job.

Want a more secure garden fence?

Often garden fencing gets overlooked by the homeowner when it comes to making a property more secure. We are not saying that your garden fence needs to be 6ft high with the latest surveillance equipment around your perimeter. What we are getting as is that a simple perimeter fence allows for more privacy and makes it harder for a thief to take a look at what you have in the grounds of your property.

As with our commercial fencing solutions, at Able Fencing we can help you make the best decision by giving you all the viable options for your new fence. We can talk you through the best materials and styles for our climate and also give advice on how to maintain a good looking solid fence year on year.

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