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Insurance For Storm Damage To Fences ?

Mr H of Halebarns said 

“For the first time in 30 years I have tried to claim on my Home Insurance for storm damage to my garden fence caused by a gust of wind.

But my insurer told me that no insurer will cover for storm damage to fences or gates, the only exception being some special insurance for very high value properties.

Interestingly if a car knocked my fence down I would be covered for impact damage.”

Most insurance companies excluded storm damage to fences after the major storms in 1987 which resulted in millions of claims for damaged fences, many of which had rotten posts etc.

I think you can still add Garden Secure as an extra to RIAS home insurance to give some cover for damaged fences and gates, but it is limited to about £700 per claim for damage to your garden, fences and gates.

In any case we were able to repair Mr H’s damaged fence for £425. If you have a insurance claim by the time you pay the excess and then get higher premiums over the next few years because you have claimed it all becomes marginal from a cost point of view.

If your fences are damaged in a storm, here at Able Fencing we offer a fast and professional repair service at value-for-money prices.

Here at Able Fencing our expertise in the selection, design and construction of fencing for your home will ensure that we will work with you to plan and install a fence which meets your aspirations as well as your budget.

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