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How to fix a fence after storm damage

We often get asked how to fix a fence after storm damage. There are some things to consider before you rush to put the old fence panel in as we will explain in the following steps:

Assess the fence posts

If your fence looks similar to the picture above then its quite obvious that you are going to need new fence panels and new fence posts. However, in many cases a single panel will blow out or get struck by a falling tree and most of the time all that is required is a new fence panel. There area however situations where the reason for the fence panel blowing out is due to the posts themselves. We attend a lot of storm damaged fence jobs where this is the case and the root cause is often rotten fence posts that have gradually degraded over the years. In this case we recommend two new fence posts either side of the new panel to secure it in properly and that should do the trick.

Measure the gap between the posts

If your situation is a single fence panel blown out, you can simply measure the gap between the fence posts and buy one that fits the gap. Pretty straight forward!

On the other hand, if a number of panels have blown down and also the posts in between, you need to be a little more careful when measuring. We recommend measuring the entire gap, then calculating the width of each post. From there if you subtract these posts from the overall gap you should be left with an width which you can divide into the number of panels you want giving you a fence panel width. With this information you can then purchase posts and panels to complete the job.

A little bonus tip here is to always measure twice and fit once. You are better off double checking measurements before you make an order for fencing materials because 9 times out of 10 you will not be able to return the panels or posts because they are often made to measure.

Don’t want new fence posts?

You may think that additional fence posts are going to cost a lot more and therefore just opt for a new fence panel. This is absolutely fine and actually what we recommend in 80% of the jobs we go to  where storm damage has caused a fence to blow down. Unfortunately, if we recommend new fence posts and you choose not to do so, we can still do a temporary measure whereby we install wood battens to the original posts (if they are solid enough) but you should be aware that we see a lot of broken fences and our experience means a patch up job is only going to last a short period of time. Additionally, the problem will come back to haunt you at a later date or more likely when another storm rolls in.


When installing new posts and panels, we recommend marking out where the new posts are to be placed so that you can dig an appropriate hole for the new post. If you are using a soft ground post holder then the same applies but no digging will be required. Marking out is key because you can then do a final measure before any heavy work starts. This ensures that the panels you have will fit the gaps between the posts.

Making sure your posts are in the ground securely is essential. We recommend post concrete which provides a solid anchor for the new posts and always give the post concrete the required time to set before you start installing panels. Otherwise, your panels and posts will fall over!

Once the posts are in and secure, nails can be installed to wooden posts to secure the panels or if you have concrete posts they will slide right into place with ease (if the measuring was done correctly).


The main thing to remember here is make sure your measurements are accurate. Give posts and concrete time to set properly and you should make light work of repairing your storm damaged fence!

If you are unsure about the process, we can help by providing you with a quotation for the entire job. Speak to us today if you need new fence panels and posts.