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Can I have a fence installed in autumn?

Summer has ended and some people think doing anything outdoors in autumn is a bad idea but the truth is, installing fence panels in autumn is absolutely fine. In fact, it can be done all year around, even in winter.

What this really comes down to is cost and does it generally cost more to install fencing in autumn due to the poor weather conditions?

Does it cost more to get fence panels installed in autumn?


This really is the question to ask yourself when having fence panels installed in autumn, does it cost more to get fence panels installed in autumn? The answer to this is not quite as straight forward as you might imagine but we will explain why.

As you would imaging, installing fence panels in colder, wetter conditions is a little harder and in addition to this the light conditions early in the morning and in the late afternoon can also slow a project down. Because of this your project may take a little longer to complete than in summer and effectively cost you slightly more.

What are the implications of having a fence installed in autumn?

The big issue we find when installing fence panels in autumn is the heavier rain fall. If its not particularly wet then this isn’t a problem but we have has some autumn seasons where the rainfall is heavy and prolonged. In these situations it can make digging proper foundations for fence posts difficult. The reason for this is that the ground becomes soft and boggy and movement is likely as we dig down to create foundations.

These types of conditions mean that your fence may suffer from a lack of stability. Additionally, if you opt for wooden posts, they may suffer from early rot if not installed in better conditions. When the weather is completely against us, we may have to wait until things improve before completing the fencing project.

What are the benefits of installing panels in autumn?

Installing fencing in autumn definitely can have its benefits especially when homeowners need it doing urgently. As an example if you are planning on moving home and need to spruce up your property beforehand. We can get the job done quickly as work tends to be quieter in these months.

Sometimes, autumn is fairly mild and can actually prove to provide better conditions than in the height of summer when the ground is rock hard and difficult to dig. This can save time and also reduce cost of installation.

I am good at DIY and want to do it myself

If you are a bit of a DIY enthusiast then installing fence panels may be better left until early summer. However, as mentioned it really depends on the weather at the time. If you feel confident enough to tackle the job knowing that winter is just around the corner then our view is give it a go.

When to get a professional fence installer to do the work

There are times when we recommend a professional installation and in late autumn this is often the case. We work day in day out installing fencing for clients throughout Cheshire. Before a job is started we can work out a timeframe and this allows us to price the job accordingly.

In addition to being more predictable, a professional fence installation means you know the job is done to the correct standards and will last. To discuss your fencing plans with us, call us on 0161 971 8335. A member of our team will guide you through fencing options and can show you ideas that will work for your property.